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A Gentle Voice in a World Full of Noise

From the start, I want to share that I am a fan of silence. With so many things vying for our attention these days, if I am to have a public voice, I want it to feel like a respite: something restful, rejuvenating, and refreshing….

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A Spirituality for Social Change

“Transcendentalists were courageous in challenging tradition and injustice. Rather than being pushed around by history, they were great souls who…


Why Write a Novel Series?

When first imagining the story that is still propelling me, I was more moved by inspiration than fiction-writing savvy. So…

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“I long for my home…”

Like me, you may have a persistent voice in your deepest thoughts—the ones that arise unbidden and instinctually when you…


Beneficial Nostalgia Maxims

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  • Beneficial Nostalgia Maxim 2

  • Beneficial Nostalgia Maxim 3

Here are collected thoughts on writing, living, and researching. Whether it’s food for thought, book announcements, podcasts, reviews, or short story releases, I blog on anything that feels worth reflecting on or celebrating. But not just from me. I post your contributions too! If you send me fan art, book club pics, reports on good conversations, character insights, or the discovery of historically inspiring facts or objects, I gather them here. Let’s dive in, get to know each other in the comments, and have an ongoing exchange.


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