A Direct Historical Connection


This is our place to connect, directly.

As readers of historical fiction, we look to the past in order to learn. We enter people’s experiences to understand. And we indulge in nostalgia for a time when there was pride in craft, joy in well-made things, and appreciation for a subtle art of living.

All this comes together in the reader experience I am creating for you. On this site, you can learn more, share more, gather more, support more, and benefit more because there is no one between us. Here, we can interact to support each other’s experiences, thoughts, dreams, and growth.

My promise to you is to write novels that stimulate all this with story. Your promise to me is to enjoy the books and free gifts, to share the experience with me and others. This way, we contribute mutually. We’ll be able to hear each other through this noisy internet, and connect better, because we have introduced ourselves. Here.

Once you’ve read my books, we’ll feel as if we’ve met before.
Welcome to our place and time.

The Queen Bee Series: Book 1, Our Sealed Letters

Coming Soon!

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”

―Margaret Fuller

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