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I have cherished signs of history since my very first purchase: a tin candleholder with a snuffer on a chain. To me, the past is full of hidden stories to bring to light—especially of strong women that history has overlooked. My fiction aims to enrich modern life with the perspectives of those who came before us and helped shape the world we engage everyday. Because who we were informs how we are now.

I arrived at fiction after working in the book publishing industry for more than two decades. As a nonfiction literary agent, ghostwriter, writing coach, editor, and production manager, I have primarily created psychology, spirituality, and business titles for publishers like New Harbinger Publications and Sounds True, and as part of my independent services company Full Bloom Publications.

I grew up on the vast plains of the Rocky Mountain front range. I miss it, so I write about it. Currently, I live in small-town Missouri and write from the wallpapered rooms of a 19th-century house. I’m surrounded by a typewriter collection, and possibly like you, I own too many books and antiques. My goldendoodles are always nearby. The cat on my lap is a ferocious cuddler. And fortunately, my partner Matthew is usually cooking or infusing something that smells wonderful.

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Yes, this is me! I wanted to see what I would look like in 1898.

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Best Author Awards 2012

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